1. daynasaurusrex:

    Right there. THAT colour is my favourite.

    (Maple Ridge, BC)


  2. that-stupid-tardis-sound:

    it freaks me out when grown-ups are like “oh we didn’t have any computers or internet when i was a kid” because it makes me feel like one day, kids are going to look at us and say “i feel so bad for you, you didn’t have any hovertrucks or teleportation or food-synthesizers when you were growing up” like damn what are we missing

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  3. lmtengs:

    Not my best photo, but I like this place, so here we go.

  4. jringlis:

    Maple Ridge, BC Cenotaph

  5. ata-raxie:

    Parcial Reflection by James Wheeler
    Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada


  7. foriamjustadreamer:

    My dad said if this gets 1000 notes he’ll let me tape him doing the moonwalk. Guys please. 

  8. royals-and-quotes:

    Sunday’s Travel - Montreal Botanical Garden, Canada


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